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Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI, in Russian: Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет аэрокосмического приборостроения – ГУАП (GUAP)) is a multi-profile center of training, retraining and upgrading the level of skills of engineers, economists and lawyers, a large scientific center reputed both in Russia and abroad.

We try to do our best in combining classic traditions of Universities and modern technologies of higher education. Lectures at the SUAI are given by well-known scientists and specialists of leading enterprises of Saint-Petersburg and institutes and entities of Russian Academy of Science.

GUAP_ENDEducational process on all faculties is based on scientific research and working of its scientists and research assistants. Modern information technologies are widely used in educational process and scientific research, these technologies include Internet, local and international computer networks.

Many of our graduates became famous scientists, leaders of different industries, public leaders: academician I. Glebov (during many years he was the leader of Leningrad branch of USSR Academy of Sciences), M. Miroshnikov – Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Science (during more than 20 years he was at the head of Vavyiov’s State Optical Institute), L. Chubraeva – Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, head of the chair of information technologies in electromechanics and robot-technique, A. Turchak – general director of holding company (shell company) “Leninez”, A. Zaharov – general director of public company “Pirometr”, G. Poltavchenko – representative of President of Russian Federation in Central region and many others.

World-known scientific schools and scientific research conducted by University’s scientists are at the base of their partnership with colleagues from universities and scientific centers of different countries. We are always glad to meet new students and new partners.


Some dates from history of LIAI-SUAI


  • January 25, 1941 – Leningrad Aviation Institute (LAI) is created on the base of Leningrad Road-Transport Institute by a decree of the Soviet government
  • October 1945 – lessons were resumed at the institute, which got a new – Leningrad Institute of Aircraft Instrument-making (LIAI)
  • 1951 – night classes faculty is opened
  • 1962 – a faculty of instruction by correspondence is opened
  • 1963 – a faculty of electronic devices and computer techniques was organized
  • 1969 – courses for retraining and upgrading the level of skills of engineers and lecturers were opened
  • 1970 – preliminary department and preliminary courses for university entrants were opened
  • 1972 – general technique (natural-science since 1998) faculty was opened
  • 1984 – a faculty of intense specialist training for specified purposes is organized, since 1987 it was renamed into the faculty of engineers-researchers training, then it was transformed into the faculty of training the Masters, which, in turn, gave birth to faculty of law, economic and management
  • 1991 –  faculty of humanities was organized
  • 1992 – Institute of Aircraft Instrument-making was renamed in Saint-Petersburg Academy of Aerospace Instrumentation
  • 1997 – the Academy gained a status of University according to the decision of the Board of the Ministry of General and Professional Education. Since that day it bears the name “Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation” (SUAI)
  • 1999 – UNESCO Chair “Distant education in engineering” was opened
  • 2001 – the University celebrates its 60 anniversary
  • 2002 – SUAI established a Chair of military training. The University passed a regular certification and accreditation and confirmed its right for the status of a university and licenses



Information updated on September 29, 2015