Cooperation between Russia and Finland in Higher Education

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October 24-25, 2019 St. Petersburg hosted the Russian-Finnish Workshop on cooperation in higher education bringing together international departments of universities, educational agencies, the Consulate of Finland, St. Petersburg administration and the St. Petersburg Committee for Science and Higher School. SUAI’s Department of International Affairs (DIA) attended the meeting.

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SUAI Meets Polytechnic Institute of Advanced Science (France)

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October 22, 2019 SUAI welcomed a French delegation from the Polytechnic Institute of Advanced Science (IPSA) of the Toulouse campus Head Jean-Marc Chalin and the Coordinator of IPSA development program with Russia Marina Latour.

SUAI met the guests with speeches and presentations by the Rector Yulia A. Antokhina, the Vice-Rector for the international Affairs Konstantin V. Losev and the Vice-Rector for Educational Activities Valery A. Matyash promoting student exchange.

In the negotiations the parties discussed the dual certification program and curriculums for French students, interns at SUAI. The IPSA delegation met their students at SUAI to hear positive feedback on educational process.

SUAI Meets Indonesian Delegation from Institute of Transport and Logistics Trisakti

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October 11, 2019 SUAI welcomed a delegation from the Institute of Transport and Logistics Trisakti (ITL Trisakti), headed by the Vice-Rector for Marketing and Cooperation Affairs Juliater Simarmata. ITL Trisakti represents leading transportation education of Indonesia, home for over 260 million people, living between Asia, Australia and America. Interested in modern higher education, this rapidly developing country is seeking for partners in science and education.

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Strengthening Cooperation between SUAI and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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September 29, 2019 a SUAI delegation headed by the Rector Yulia A. Antokhina arrived at the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) to talk on future cooperation and discuss Russian and Chinese progress in education and current challenges.

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Chinese Delegation Meets SUAI’s Aerospace Education

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September 9, 2019 SUAI welcomed a delegation from the Chinese Aerospace Corporation.

The SUAI’s Vice-Rector for International Affairs Konstantin V. Losev, the Director of the Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Communications Alexander R. Bestugin, the Acting Director of the Institute of Aerospace Instruments and Systems Nikolai N. Maiorov and the Head of the Department of Operation and Control of Aerospace Systems, the Director of the Institute of Advanced Aersopace Technologies Alexander V. Nebylov met the guests to talk on aerospace education.

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SUAI received a delegation from Consulate General of State of Israel in Saint Petersburg

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On August 1, 2019, SUAI was visited by a delegation from the State of Israel, headed by the Consul General of Israel in Saint Petersburg Olga Slov.

SUAI has a long history of cooperation with leading universities and educational centers of the State of Israel, and the university’s educational and research leaders were pleased to deliver presentations of their institutes and centers to the Consul General Olga Slov and economic project coordinator Natalya Chernykh.

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Congratulations on Christmas and New Year 2019

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Dear colleagues, friends and partners,

During the year 2018 SUAI has steadily been increasing its international contacts.

Among the highlights of the year we shall name SUAI’s delegations to Xi’an for the Forum between Russian and Chinese aerospace, participation in the Global Partnership Week 2018 in Shanghai, the Supervisory Board of SSPU (Shanghai Polytechnic University) and visiting NPU (Northwestern Polytechnic University).

In 2018 SUAI welcomed more delegations from Latin America and the Caribbean, People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Korean advanced industry to sign important agreements on cooperation.

June 18, 2018 SUAI welcomed a delegation from a leading technical university from PRC – Shanghai Polytechnic University and September 4, 2018 a delegation from LG Electronics Inc. and LG Display Co. Ltd. visited the University.

Therefore, I would like to thank the accepting party of SUAI with all the Department of International Affairs for making our guests and partners feel comfortable.

I hope that the year 2019 will keep our positive tendencies.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Konstantin V. Losev,

the SUAI Vice-Rector for International Affairs

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