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Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI) is an active international co-operation in scientific and educational field, participate in European scientific-research programmes, cooperates with the European Space Agency ESA/ESTEC, with Universities of China, Europe, USA, Canada such as:

  • Beijing Aerospace University (People’s Republic of China),
  • Nanjing Aerospace University (People’s Republic of China),
  • Xian Aerospace University (People’s Republic of China),
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA),
  • Indiana State University (USA),
  • State University of New York at Stony Brook (USA),
  • University of Franche-Comte (France),
  • Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland),
  • Instituto Superior Formación у Empresa (Spain),
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary),
  • Ben-Gurion University of Negev (Israel)
  • Riga Technical University (Latvia),
  • University of Applied Sciences Turku (Finland),
  • Wageningen University (Netherlands),
  • University of Wolverhampton (Great Britain).

Yearly students, graduate students and young scientists of SUAI are trained in foreign Universities, participate in Russian-USA students’ seminars (that are realized together with the Indiana State University), take part in exchange programmes with French Graduate Engineering School (ENSEA), the Superior School of Electrical Engineers (ESIGELEC) and Paris Institue of Electronics (ISEP). Academic exchange programmes with Universities of Finland are realized since 2013 (program FIRST).

SUAI scientific teams participate in European programmes:

  • 7th Framework Program
  • ENPI

Together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology the Laboratory of Computational Linguistics (Faculty of Humanities at SUAI) was founded. This laboratory studies scientific and magistral work in the field of language’s computer processing.

Laboratory’s main tasks are:

  1. machine translation,
  2. computer-aided systems of translation,
  3. machine learning’ problems.


Open lectures of the foreign leading professors are regularly held in SUAI. The following persons gave the lectures in the 2013-2014 academic year:

  • Professor Jean-Pierre Contzen, Institute of Fluid Out of Pocket (Belgium),
  • Professor Taco van Someren, head of the YNNOVATE company (Netherlands),
  • Professor Constantin Orasan, University of Wolverhampton (UK),
  • Professor Sabine Iatridou, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA),
  • Professor John Frederick Bailyn, Stony Brook University (USA),
  • Professor Wolf Schmid, Hamburg University (Germany),
  • Professor Luis Anaya Merchant, National Autonomous University of Morelos’ State (Mexico).

The following persons gave the lectures in the 2014-2015 academic year:

  • Professor Martin Alois Rohrmeier, Dresden Technical University (Germany),
  • Professor John Frederick Bailyn, Stony Brook University of New York (USA),
  • Professor Klaus Schilling, Würzburg University, Julius-Maximilians (Germany),

Several years professor Gerald W. Cockrell (Indiana State University, USA) realizes distant seminar for students on Project management.


SUAI successfully co-operate with the leading Universities of People’s Republic of China such as: Beijing Aerospace University, Nanjing Aerospace University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Henan University, Zhenzhou State University.


SUAI students take part in the exchange programmes and study in People’s Republic of China according to the co-operation programmes with China Universities. In 2014 4 students of Faculty of Humanities at SUAI were trained in Beijing Aerospace University, in spring 2015 – 1 student of Faculty of Innovatics and Basic Master’s Training, in autumn 2015 1 student of Institute for Innovative Technologies in Electromechanics and Power Engineering studies in Beijing Aerospace University.


SUAI students participated in Russia-China cultural programme and international collegiate design and innovation competition (ICDIC) on basis of Beijing Aerospace University in summer 2014 and 2015. Twice SUAI student’s projects won prizes.


pdfCertificate of Achievement. Third Prize for exсеllеnt group pеrformanсe in thе Intеrnational Dеsign and Innovation Compеtition (ICDIC) of 2015, Beijing




Every year SUAI’ Chinese Universities-partners offer several master and postgraduate programmes for SUAI students on the basis of Chinese Government Scholarship Scheme. Now one SUAI senior student studies in Beijing Aerospace University (master programme), two SUAI senior students study in Nanjing Aerospace University (master programmes).


Under the guidance of professor Ovodenko A.A. the UNESCO chair “Engineering distance education” was set up on the basis of SUAI within the framework of UNITWIN/UNЕSCО Chairs Programm in April 1999. It is a center for advanced experience and an experimental area for distance technical education.

Interactive educational and testing systems on natural-science disciplines were developed, that helped the chair to have an experience in distant education and upgrade technical disciplines teaching.


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Russian section of International Society of Automation (ISA) was set up in 1994 and student group of ISA (first in Europe and exclusive in Russia) in 1995.

ISA Headquarters Russian Federation was created in 2002 on the basis of SUAI and the knowledge center ISA was opened in the University library. SUAI students regularly participate in Student Universal Instrument-making Games that are held every year in USA.

SUAI students (that represented not only the Russian Federation but also the European Union) were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals.

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Also SUAI is a co-ordinator in TEMPUS (Trans-European Mobility Programme for University Studies)


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