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letter of thanks of the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Chile in Saint Petersburg

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Dear participants of the 7th European Forum of Chilean Organizations,

Let me thank You in the name of the Forum team for the interest paid to the Chilean citizens abroad, and for Your participation in the Forum. To our satisfaction we note every Forum’s purpose and goal to have been fully achieved – and this resulted in electing 7 members of the European Chilean Association, which is to implement – in the years to come – the programs developed within the Forum, and to aspire new achievements in developing and improving lives of the Chileans abroad.

We believe the Forum’s outcomes are to find understanding from the Chilean Government to promote further projects. We, in our turn, are always ready to render every assistance and support to our friends and colleagues for the mutual benefit!


The Honorary Consul

of the Republic of Chile

in Saint Petersburg

I. A. Maksimtsev

A letter of gratitude from the Brazilian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and from the Russia-Brazil Business Council

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Dear Mr. Losev!

On behalf of Gilberto Ramos, the President of the Brazilian-Russian Сhamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and on behalf of the Russia-Brazil Business Council, we thank You for the time and attention You have paid to the International Forum of 20 June 2017 and to Mr. Ramos personally.

The Brazilian-Russian Сhamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism continuously interacts with Brazilian authorities, business and educational institutions. The 2017 Forum and other events have proven the increased interest of the Brazilian market to Russian advanced technologies and professional training.

If You are interested in establishing contact with Brazilian universities or in any other matters we will always appreciate Your attention!


Câmara Brasil-Rússia  de Comercio, Industria e Tourismo

Rua Álvaro Alvim, 24 / 704 – Centro

20031-010 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Tel./Fax: 55 21 3420 0105

Official Representations:

Bahia, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Pernambuco