75th Anniversary of Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation

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Dear Friends,

Our University celebrates its 75th anniversary in this dismal year of depressing forecasts and obvious macroeconomic downturn in Russia and throughout the world.

Let us remember though, that SUAI–LIAI was founded at the beginning of 1941, the most disastrous year for our Motherland. Nevertheless it trained scientists and engineers for the Great Victory and the post-war recovery.

Despite the Soviet industry collapse at the beginning of the 1990s, SUAI being allied to rapidly disintegrating aerospace industry not only managed to survive and save all its technical schools, but also began to develop in the field of humanities being a strong competitor for oldest universities of our country.

We may proudly say that during 75-year history our University has gained great potential in the field of quality of education and fundamental research activity as well as in overcoming all the challenges coming out of abrupt changes in political environment.

LIAI-SUAI meets the epoch of bitter trial for the country as a mature and powerful institution welded by the unity of its management and staff and it is able to adjust and get changed without compromising its integrity.

Happy Anniversary to Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation!

Congratulations to all who study or work at our glorious University!

Konstantin V. Losev, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities


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