Chinese High-tech representatives participate in a SUAI project

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SUAI accepted an official delegation from Wuhan city (People’s Republic of China). State officials and Chinese High-tech industry representatives were the members of the mission:

Sun Zhijun, Deputy director of Wuhan Municipal committee Organisational department, Song Zhiping, Deputy Director of Administrative committee of Wuhan East Lake High-tech development Zone, Lei Lijun, Director of Organisational department of Quinqshan district committee, Li Weifan, Director of Organisational department of Dongxihu district committee, Sun Fan, deputy head of Wuhan Municipal international activity Administration, Wang Feng, Deputy Director of Wuhan Aiport High-tech construction industry Zone Administration, Yan Changkun, Deputy General Manager of Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Ltd. Co., Pan Xincheng, Chairman of BOAD GROUP corporation, Zhu Yun, official representative of Jiyuan Technical Service Ltd. Co.


On behalf of SUAI the delegation was received by Vice Rector for International Affairs Konstantin V. Losev, Director of Scientific Research Coordination Centre Aleksei V. Rabin, Director of Institut №2 Aleksandr R. Bestugin, Deputy Director of Institut №2 Irina A. Kirshina, Senior Research Associate of Department №23 Oleg V. Shakin. Two branches of International Affairs Department were represented by Elena V. Belich and Elena A. Chinarova.

Director of Institut №2 Aleksandr R. Bestugin and Senior Research Associate Oleg V. Shakin presented the information on their Institut activity and promising projects to the international guests. The presentation aroused a lively interest in the representatives of the delegation.

Particularly, the Chinese manufacturers were interest by a report on optical technologies, and they expressed intention to provide the industrial facilities and funding for realisation of the project on a mutually advantageous basis, which can be considered the principal success of this meeting.

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