Shanghai Second Polytechnic University Visits SUAI

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June 19, 2017 SUAI welcomed the official delegation of the Shanghai Second Polytechnic University (SSPU), China, of Xie Huaqing, the SSPU Vice-President, Xia Yanchun, the Head of the SSPU International Office, Liu Xiaohang, the Director of the Research Department, Xia Yanchun, the Deputy Dean of the Technical College, Shaojing Song, the Head of the Communications and Technology at SSPU Technical College, and Xu Man, the Coordinator of International Programs.

In the course of the visit the Delegation learnt about the SUAI educational programs and discussed the prospects of cooperation.

Konstantin Losev, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs, and the SUAI International Office were responsible for welcoming.

The guests were shown around the University premises and then had a meeting in the Da Vinci Hall with a presentation of SUAI made by K. Losev.

This was followed by presentation of SUAI departments and institutes: by V. Fetisov, the Head of SUAI Institute No.1 (Presentation of Institute No. 1 of Airspace Instruments and Systems); by V. Olenev, the Head of the SUAI CNT Laboratory (Presentation of the Institute of High-Performance Computer and Network Technologies); by V. Prokhorov, the Head of the IoT Engineering School (Presentation of the Internet of Things Engineering School); by A. Sergeev, the Head of Informatization Department (Presentation of Institute No. 5 of Information Systems and Information Protection and the IoT Engineering School); by Prof. O. Shakin, Department No. 23, Design and Technology of Electronic and Laser Devices (Presentation of Institute No. 2 of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Communication); by Associate Prof. S. Soleny, Department 32, Electromechanics and Robotics, (Presentation of Institute No.3 of Innovative Technologies in Electromechanics and Robotics); by Associate Prof. A. Nikitin, Department No.44, Computer Systems and Networks, (Presentation of Institute No. 4 of Computer Systems and Programming); by A. Rabin, the Director of the SUAI Center for Coordination of Scientific Research.

The SSPU visit resulted in achieving the common understanding by the Universities of the nearest prospects for cooperation, with Memorandum to be signed in fall 2017.

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