Chinese Opera at SUAI

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title  October, 9th Within the framework of the Trade and Economic Forum and the Anhui province: Approach to Russia exhibition SUAI housed a performance by Huángméi traditional opera with Zaifen in the leading part.

03The event was attended by SUAI Vice-Rector for International Affairs Konstantin Losev, Chinese Council for Education in St. Petersburg Zhāng Ruliang, administration of Chinese school 547 in St. Petersburg, head of Confucius Institute at Saint-Petersburg State University Zhāng Rukui, representative of the Department for International Cooperation and Exchange of Anhui University Lin Jingjing.


Photo report of Chinese Opera


Солистка театра «Аньцин Цзайфэнь» и проректор по международной деятельности ГУАП К. В. Лосев

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