APECSS Newsletter (February 2017). About the conference held in SUAI

“The 10th APECSS conference was held at University for Aerospace Instrumentation in St Petersburg, Russia, from 9-11 September, 2016. The conference theme was ‘Survival of Early Christian Traditions’. We were delighted to have Prof. Sergey Ivanov, from National Research University, Moscow, as a keynote speaker at the conference delivering his paper entitled ‘The Survival of Extravagant Saintliness in the Mid-Byzantine Period’. Not only were the regular members of APECSS well represented among the presenters and participants at the conference, but it was wonderful to see several Belgian, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, UK, and Japanese early career scholars join us as well.

The conference was a great success. Let us thank the organisers of our conference at St Petersburg, for their efforts in bringing us together for an enjoyable meeting, most especially Dr. Basil Lourie and Dr. Xenia Mitrenina. As well, the Society has to extend the gratitude to the Russian convenors, Dr. Julia Antokhina, Rector of SUAI, and Dr. Konstantin Losev, Vice-Rector for International Affairs of SUAI”.

APECSS Newsletter. February 2017

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Happy New 2017 Year and Merry Christmas!

Dear friends!

The oncoming year 2017 is special if to recollect the drastic changes brought to the fates of our Motherland by its predecessor, the year 1917, a hundred years ago. And in the year coming I would wish you only one – but crucial – thing: the right choices.

The right choices by those willing to share with us not only our success, but our doubt and anxiety.

The right choices of what ought to be done with no sorrow and regrets afterwards.

The right choices of what will allow us to once again have the opportunity to choose and choose what will give us the freedom of choice.

Happy New 2017 Year and Merry Christmas!

Konstantin V. Losev, Prof., Vice-Rector for International Affairs at SUAI

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25th anniversary of Faculty of Humanities at SUAI


Dear friends!

This year Our faculty is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

25 years is, undoubtedly, a short term. Still we shall remember, after 25 years, that the Faculty was being formed and developed under the harsh conditions of the post-Soviet era.

The perception is not as acute now, but at that time it was about the very survival of universities. Everyone had difficult times.

Even the oldest–established humanitarian faculties and universities experienced that, not to mention Our young faculty!

The Faculty of Humanities was, in the shortest time possible, to declare themselves in terms of teaching as strong a division of SUAI as other, older, Faculties of Our University and of other universities in St. Petersburg.

Today we are confident: Our faculty has a highest reputation, it has become integral to SUAI, a modern Faculty of Humanities, a close-knit team inspired by the same aspirations and ideals.

But we are not resting on laurels.

We are constantly opening new directions and introducing new teaching methods, we are successfully conducting scientific research, expanding the horizons of international cooperation under the harsh reality of current geopolitics.

I believe that together we shall cope, and we shall live to see, at the very least, an interesting and active future.

Congratulations, dear friends!

The Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at SUAI,

Vice-rector for International Affairs

Konstantin V. Losev

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Letter from Australian Catholic University Brisbane Sydney Canberra Ballarat Melbourne

Dr Julia Antokhina, Rector, SUIA

Dr Konstantin Losev, Vice-Rector for International Affairs

On behalf of the Asia-Pacific Early Christian Studies Society (APECSS) I would like to express my gratitude to the State University of Aerospace Instrumentation and in particular to Dr. Losev, as Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, for hosting and organising the 10th annual conference of our society in your university between 9 and 11 September this year. I apologise for being slow in offering my gratitude as I have only just returned to Australia from that conference in the past few days. As the conference co-ordinator for APECSS based here in Australia it was a wonderful experience for the members of our society to be in St Petersburg for our annual meeting and to meet more scholars and students from all over Russia interested in early Christianity. I am grateful too for all the hard work of the team around Basil Lourie who made us all feel so welcome. It would be wonderful to make Russia one of the permanent venues for the hosting of future conferences.

Australian Catholic University

Brisbane Sydney Canberra Ballarat Melbourne

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SUAI visits University Haaga-Helia, Finland


October, 11-12 The SUAI delegation headed by the Rector Yu.A.Antokhina visited Finland’s 2nd rated University Haaga-Helia, Helsinki, to have a meeting with the University’s administartion and the leading faculty.


The visit resulted in bylateral framework agreement on joint research projects and student and young faculty exchange within Erasmus program.


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Letter of appreciation from Tokyo Gakugei University Department of Philosophy and Ethics

Dear Dr. Losev,

I appreciate your warm hospitality and courtesy during my stay in Saint Petersburg. It was great pleasure for us to attend the 10th APECSS conference that was well prepared and carefully organised by you and the other people of State University of Aerospace Instrumentation.

After our return to Japan, Japanese Society for Patristic Studies (JSPS) had a regular seminar on Saturday 24 September, in which outcomes were reported by participants of the annual conference in Saint Petersburg and JSPS members discussed about the possibility of future collaboration between scholars of Australia, Russia, Japan and other pacific-rim countries in the field of early Christian studies.

Please pass on my best regards to your people of SUAI.

Thank you so much for your warmth and kindness.

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